Working from home can be a big adjustment; here are six tips to help you get through the day. Much respect and thanks to all the essential workers still on the job doing their thing.

  1. Create a routine - Having a schedule is best, a little structure goes a long way.
  2. Make your bed - Making your bed first thing in the morning gives you an initial win to build off of for the rest of the day, and when in doubt, it's good to get back to basics. Brush your teeth, too, while you're at it.
  3. Get dressed - As tempting as it is to hop on that conference call in your underwear with a button-down shirt or blouse up top, put your pants on, people. However, for dress-down Fridays, you're in charge of office decor now. You rock that pair of boxer shorts to your heart's delight.
  4. Overcommunicate - You're no longer right down the hall from the boss and all your co-workers. Overshare, but don't share too much. Jim from accounting doesn't need to know you just passed wind.
  5. Leave the house - It's important to get some fresh air and a little sunshine. With the weather getting nicer, you can take a walk around the neighborhood and still keep your social distance.
  6. Take it easy - Don't be too hard on yourself, everyone is going through some pretty heavy emotions right now, so chill.
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