'What snake bite?' - Mike Posner, while climbing a Fourteener, probably. Yeah, it's official: He is cooler than me.

Remember that one time singer Mike Posner was walking across America and got bit by a rattlesnake in Colorado, and then got airlifted to a hospital and had to get rehabilitated and stuff? If not... well, there you go

Fast forward a few months: Posner completed his 2,800-mile trek across the U.S., which he did to honor his father and friend/fellow musician, Avicii, after both of them passed.

Despite that little setback in Colorado, the Grammy-nominated artist returned to our state to get really, really high — but it had nothing to do with taking a pill, or even smoking our weed.

OutThere Colorado shared that Posner came back to Colorado in January to brave the winter elements and climb Mt. Elbert, which happens to be the highest mountain a state of pretty tall mountains.

'Finally made it to the summit of Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado,' Posner shared on Twitter on January 10, just five months after he couldn't even walk (thanks to that snake). '14,440 feet. This was a BATTLE. My daily training is starting to pay off. This is just the beginning. Seeing this video makes me feel pride and excitement for what I’m capable of as I continue to work.'

Read more about Posner's climb from OutThere Colorado.

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