You're looking to get out for a brisk walk or an easy hike; you don't want to work up a sweat. No problem, Fort Collins has great, easy and pretty hikes nearby.

Putting this list together of 11 of the easiest and prettiest hikes in Fort Collins, I was shocked at how many I haven't done, considering as Northern Colorado hikes go, they're not difficult at all. I really need to lace up my trail shoes and hit more trailheads for some Fort Collins hiking.

Many on this list don't really require hiking boots or trail shoes at all. However, you should always bring along some water; staying hydrated is essential, trust me. A sun hat would also be a good choice, as many of these easy and pretty trails in Fort Collins don't come with a ton of shade.

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When I go out on a little hike, I like to prep by loading up a good podcast. Something that's interesting but not too interesting because I get distracted by all the incredible surroundings. You know what I haven't done yet? Listened to an audiobook while on a walk/hike. I bet lots of folks on these trails are listening to a book.

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You can use this list as a starter package; hit a couple to "kick the dirt off" before moving to an intermediate trail. Use it as a list of hikes you can take with parents or grandparents; no need to rush, just get out there. Use this hiking list for places to grab some great photos; there'll be plenty you can take on the Poudre Trail, for sure.

Like I said, bring some water and a hat, but have fun.

The Top 11 Easiest and Prettiest Hikes Around Fort Collins

There are many great trails in the Fort Collins area that range from easy to hard in difficulty. Let's take an alphabetical look at the top 11 easiest and prettiest hikes to take in and near Fort Collins, Colorado.

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