I used to hear this one come on the radio and no matter how rough my day was going, I would try to sing along with it, because it’s just one of those songs that demands you do that.  It’s so catchy, which is probably why it was a hit.  By the way, for anyone who was with me when I attempted to reach the high notes in the chorus of this – I apologize.

This song was only one of four singles from the band's first album, which was the first of four albums.  Their latest was in 2015 and called Last of our Kind.  Even though it hasn't had one charting song, it has received great reviews by music critics.  (Those are the types of albums that tend to fill my personal collection.)

The only thing these guys have in the works currently is a documentary that's actually due out today!

Here is my Side Track from today.  It's from the 2003 album Permission to Land:

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