This spring, 94.3 The X is inviting you to Go Fund Yourself — and we mean that in the nicest way possible, because we are actually giving you a shot at winning up to $10,000 in cash. 

It's pretty easy, too. You're tuned into 94.3 The X during the work week, and you hear that familiar voice that is a combination of Fergie and Jesus (mine), giving you ten code words throughout the day. You take that code word to the 94.3 The X app messenger and DM us, and you're entered for your chance to Go Fund Yourself with 10 grand. Now, think if you won, what would you do?

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I asked if I could keep the $10,000, and as you can imagine, was shot down immediately by management (you don't know if you don't ask). It's for you, 94.3 The X listeners. But, if I did have an extra $10K laying around, here's how I would go fund myself. I would...

Sid Saxena/ Unsplash

1). Put a down payment on a house. 

Boring, I know — but so practical. Anyone else watching Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix? Why is everything SO expensive? I'm not getting married, because quite frankly, no one has asked me, so I guess I choose house.

Ryan Quintal/ Unsplash

2. Secure a lifetime supply of avocado toast.

I was totally kidding about the house. I'm a millennial! Gimme that sweet avocado on bread, baby.

Eddie Jones/Unsplash

3. Buy a new old car.

Ok, I know most people would say 'a new car,' but if you know me, you know I parted ways with my BELOVED '67 Ford Galaxie 500. So let's be real, if I had an extra $10,000, you know I'd be on Craigslist in a matter of minutes.

Lukas Schroeder/ Unsplash

4. Book a venue for me and my friends... and party.

This last year has sucked, right? Especially for our friends in the music industry. We miss our pals, we miss bands and we miss the venues we lost. If I had the cash, I'd totally rent out the Aggie or Washington's or hey, even the local roller rink, and get one of my favorite bands to come perform for me and my friends. Sure, for 10 grand I'm not getting The Killers (or Imagine Dragons), but I'm sure someone would agree to it.

Airstream Inc./ Unsplash

5. Skip town. 

Don't tell my boss, but if I won $10,000, I would probably politely excuse myself from the nine-to-five (just for a little bit), and travel around the desert in an Airstream. It's always been a dream of mine. But, since I can't win (yes, I asked), I'll just live vicariously through one of you. Good luck!

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