I’m not trying to make you jealous, but... I came to work on Harmony Road today.  Out of all the roads in Northern Colorado to name Harmony, that particular road is definitely the most ironic. Driving on Harmony is anything but harmonious.

Perhaps we should rename Harmony something more fitting, like… Lunacy Road.  Or Absurdity Road. I’m serious, I live in an amazing little area, but getting out on Harmony… It’s the one place in town where it barely even feels like you’re in Fort Collins. It’s like you blacked out & woke up in some busy Midwestern city somewhere.  Because people drive in competition, which I used to not really see in Northern Colorado.  Just a few weeks ago, I had some guy get seriously p.o.'ed at me because I took off before him while next to him at a green light.  He proceeded to speed, cut in & out of lanes, and do whatever he could, until he finally achieved his day's most important goal of arriving in front of my four-cylinder Toyota.  Ohhhkay!!

Don't get me wrong - Like everyone else, I enjoy slamming to a halt in the middle of three or more consecutive intersections under a green light.  But maybe that’s how MORE THAN ONE PERSON has now hit a MAX BUS!!!  Even that doesn’t make sense, though. HOW IN THE HELL…. Do you run into a Max Bus????  Just to put that into some sort of proper perspective:  That’s a teeny weeny little bit away from running into a TRAIN!

In case you didn’t know, Colorado:  Driving is not the same as vacuuming underneath the couch… No, driving actually MATTERS, every time.  Can you promise me you'll just pay attention and be freaking nice?  Even on Tragedy road.  Oh, I mean… Harmony.

Thank you for listening to this humongously fortunate person whine about the worst thing in my life.  And whatever roads you take, may all your journeys be truly harmonious.

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