The Heene family's celebrity has risen once again, this time blowing up YouTube with a "Youth of America for Donald Trump" video.

The Heene boys, now known as metal band "The Heene Boyz," attended Trump's rally in Jacksonville, Florida, this week, the Tampa Bay Times reports. What followed was the release of this video, which includes clips of Donald Trump along with a pro-Trump song written by the band. (Yes, "Crooked Hillary" makes a cameo.)

I guess it's not really a surprise that a controversial family would be into such a controversial candidate.

You remember the Heene family from the "Balloon boy hoax" back in 2009, when parents Richard and Mayumi claimed their son, Falcon (then 6-years-old), had climbed into a box attached to a flying saucer balloon before it was launched into the Fort Collins sky. This prompted a massive emergency rescue situation and garnered the attention of national media outlets.

It turned out Falcon was actually hiding in the family's attic, which his parents knew the entire time. Richard Heene served jail time and paid restitution following the hoax, and the family jetted off to Florida where they now reside.

Falcon Heene is now 13 and plays in the band with brothers Bradford, 16, and Ryo, 15. They also cook a mean Chicken Poo Poo.