The historic Waverly School between Fort Collins and Wellington is for sale, and we want to buy it, but probably can't afford it at $600,000. Maybe you can see the potential?

Many people don't know Waverly exists, but it's a tiny town just to the north of Fort Collins, west of Wellington, and its 100-year-old schoolhouse is on the market. Built in the 1910s, the 14,000 square-foot building could be the future home of a lot of things, considering it has basketball courts, a theater stage and all those classrooms.

I've driven past it a handful of times, and it's maintained its historic charm. A cool Airbnb? Venue? A sweet place for millennials who can't afford homes to cohabitate? (I'm in.)

More photos of the school and its history via The Coloradoan here.

'There are many different uses that could take advantage of this unique offering,' the listing from Cushman & Wakefield states. 'Churches, schools, childcare center, recreational club, rehabilitation related uses or even a conversion to a single-family or group home are all possible uses.'

Similarly, The Botanique (above) transformed an old Fort Collins school into a one-of-a-kind wellness center, while the Plummer School is now an events center (below).

According to the listing, the property is in Larimer County, so it is 'zoned O-Open, which allows for a variety of residential and commercial uses.'

So, let those creative juices flow... See the full listing here.

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