This is arguably thee most Colorado weekend of the year.

It seems unanimous that CSU has a very good chance of winning this year's Rocky Mountain Showdown.  Kickoff's at 6:07 this evening at Mile High Stadium.  Get the coverage on our sister station Rock 102.9.  TV-wise, find that here.  Go Rams!!!

CDOT says I-25 traffic will be running at roughly HALF the speed as usual.  (So, like... going backwards?)

Colorado State v UNLV
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Tour de Fat's tomorrow, and I still remember one of those from way back when.  I had no clue it was happening.  I was living in Wellington, woke up one Saturday morning, & thought I'd drive to Home Depot on Magnolia. That is, until I turned onto Vine Street.  I was ON Vine Street for close to an hour, while all kinds of beautiful weirdos in costumes waved at me as they rode by on their bikes.  Gotta admit:  It was impossible not to be in a great mood.

Click on the map for a better look at this year's route.  The bike ride runs roughly 10-Noon.

New Belgium Brewery
New Belgium Brewery

Also, take a look at the lineup of (ticketed) events scheduled at New Belgium Brewery! It's WAY more than All American Rejects with X Ambassadors opening. Local acts, a dance contest, and even circus performances, just for starters. That all gets underway at 3, with the two major bands kicking off around 6.

Now, for the NEXT parade:

This weekend will bring the first ever FORTitude 10K, Fort Collins' version of the Boulder Boulder.  Boulder's is Memorial Day, ours is Labor Day!  Click on this image for the map of that:

FORTitude 10K

Start times?  There'll be numerous "waves" of racers taking off between 8 and 8:30 Monday morning, next to Moby Arena at Shields & Elizabeth.  You can expect the race to last up to a couple hours.  It concludes at the new CSU Stadium.

All other things FORTitude 10K?  Click here!

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