Rocky Mountain National Park has moved up in its popularity ranking in the last year, now one of the top three most-visited parks in the country. 

Mountain Sign
kevinbeasley/Getty Images

According to the National Park Service's Annual Visitation Highlights for 2018, Rocky Mountain National Park has moved from fourth to third for most-popular national park, surpassing Zion National Park.

Great Smoky Mountains remains at the top, with nearly 11.5 million visitors in 2018; Grand Canyon in second with over 6.3 million.

In 2018, Rocky Mountain National Park had nearly 4.6 million visitors, up from 4.4 in 2017. This places Rocky Mountain high above both Yosemite and Yellowstone (which may explain why it felt so crowded every time you went last year).

Read more from NPS here.

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