Our radio station is a stone's throw away from Windsor Lake. In fact, some of my best sunrise pictures have been taken at the lake. This one is from September 17, 2017:

Sunrise 9/19/17 at Windsor Lake
Todd Harding, TSM

There’s a riprap project scheduled for Monday, October 15 through Friday, Oct. 19, along the west side of Windsor Lake, near the lake’s northern edge, weather permitting. It is expected to close the lake’s small parking area next to 7th Street (Highway 257), the paved trail and fishing pier.

 What the Heck is Riprap?

Riprap refers to rock shoreline stabilization. Riprap uses rock of various shapes and sizes to provide support and protect against shore erosion. It’s typical to evaluate and improve shore stabilization regularly.

Some pipe work will also take place shortly following the riprap project, however, the disruption will be minimal. Any traffic impacts should be brief.




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