To this day, Woodstock still may be the most remembered and talked about music festival, but during that same year, several other places played host to their own events of the like — including Colorado, where the Denver Pop Festival went down as the eighth rock festival of 1969.

Happening about two months prior to Woodstock, the Denver Pop Festival took place June 27–29 at Mile High Stadium. Concert tickets were just $6 a day, and $15 for all three, however after two straight days of demonstrations over having to pay for acts, most attendees ended up getting in for free on Sunday as a result of the promoter trying to avoid further conflict with the police.

While the Denver Pop Festival had high expectations, the crowd of an estimated 50,000 was no comparison to the 400,000 Woodstock-goers that gathered in New York. But while it wasn't as big, as wild or as hyped up as Woodstock, many notable names performed throughout the three-day Denver event. Frank Zappa, Joe Cocker, Poco, and CCR were just some of the famous acts to have taken the stage, with the most significant being The Jimi Hendrix Experience's final performance together on the last day of the event. During a time when people were all about freedom, peace, and rock 'n roll, many say the amount of control and authority at the Denver Pop Festival was why it wasn't as successful as other music fests taking place across the country that year.

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