The massive, 250 million-year-old geological structures that make up Red Rocks are already art in themselves, but now the Park and Amphitheatre is calling on Colorado artists to help add to the beauty.

Chosen artists will be given a $65,000 budget in order to create permanent artwork that will be displayed outdoors at Red Rocks. The goal is to enhance the experience of visitors by integrating man-made artwork into the natural scenery found at this famous Colorado venue. The new art pieces will be placed at various locations around the property, including Trading Post Road, the upper parking lot, and by the Red Rocks Box Office. None of the artwork will be applied to the actual rocks, and it's important to note that the man-made pieces are in no way meant to take away from the natural environment and beauty that makes Red Rocks so unique.

The selection panel is open to accepting artwork of all media and materials, but are specifically looking for pieces that respect the natural scenery and speak to the geology of the site. Colorado artists interested in being a part of this project must submit a 2,000-word statement, six digital images, and a resume by April 27. Final selections are expected to be made by August.

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