During my visit to Steamboat over the weekend, there was one quick point when I checked the Coloradoan just to see if I was missing anything good back home.  It was great timing, as it mentioned part of Rabbit Ears Peak, which we had just driven past to get to Steamboat, had lost part of one of its ears!  One of my girls commented that it looks like it could be Horsetooth if the same thing happened (only on a way larger scale of destruction, since Horsetooth is basically filled in from side to side.)

The breakoff is said to be due to years of natural erosion, mainly from the changes in temperature and other repeated weather-related factors over the course of four seasons.

Here, you can see a cool photo that shows how Rabbit Ears looked for years versus now.

It gives me more respect for the giant, round rocks that sit atop others at Vedauwoo in Wyoming, where people place their tents and vehicles all around.  Truthfully though, you would have to be the unluckiest person on the planet to have one of those decide to give during the short time you happen to be there!

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