It's the time of year, where many couples will see one of them on their bended knee to "pop the question." Another question that day/night might be, "what kind of sides would you like?"

Look at it this way: Weddings cost a lot; you could save a bundle for that wedding with free food. Furthermore, you don't even really have to propose on Valentine's Day. This could be a great story for you and your love.


There are four Cracker Barrel's in Colorado, but if you're going to pull of this proposal for a chance at free food for a year, of course you'll want to do it at the Loveland one. You can't retell the story your "Cracker Barrel engagement" and say you decided to use the Pueblo Cracker Barrel, right?

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Years from now, anytime you have a chicken fried steak, you'll look at each other with that knowing wink in each other's eye, "We did that." Why not give it shot, if only for the sake of the chicken fried steak nights?


Cracker Barrel wants you to propose at one of their locations, between February 10 and February 16, 2023. See? It doesn't have to be ON Valentine's Day. You'll need to take video of the proposal (which you'll probably be doing, anyway) and post it to Instagram with the hashtags, #ISaidYesAtCrackerBarrel and #Contest and tag @CrackerBarrel.

"I Said Yes;" it does imply that (generally) the woman will be posting. Maybe it should be "We Said Yes." Regardless, you also need to include a caption as to "Why" you chose to propose at Cracker Barrel. "Because we like free food," seems pretty obvious.


Free meals for a year at Cracker Barrel. They'll have five winners from all the couples  who really go through with it, and submit everything correctly. In the end, you could do a whole lot of shopping at their General Store, because you're eating for free.

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