Update: 9News reported that the President will be speaking in Golden, Colo. around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

President Joe Biden will be making a stop in Denver next week as a part of his Build Back Better agenda, reported by the Denver Post via the White House's announcement on Thursday, Sept. 9.

The stop will reportedly be one of three President Biden will be making out west. According to the release from the White House, they have not disclosed when or where he will be.

The Build Back Better economic recovery plan was developed in light of the pandemic and job panicked that ensued with millions of people losing their jobs to the pandemic.

Biden has envisioned the Build Back Better campaign as something that will take America back to a place that's even better than it was when COVID-19 first struck America. He has reportedly always held that the importance of the American workforce lies in "the hard work and ingenuity of the American people".

The Build Back Better idea was heavily toted while Biden campaigned for the presidential election. The promise was the plan would be instituted on Day One and carried as far out as necessary.

In August of 2021, President Biden addressed the media with an update on the progress of the Build Back Better agenda. He said that the Biden administration was the first in office to add four million jobs in the first six months of a term.

We will be following President Biden's visit to Colorado closely and will continue to update our readers on any important information that comes from the President's stop in Colorado.

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