Maggie, a dog in Fort Collins, had wandered, as dogs do, away from her humans and was lost. Then, she ended up wandered onto the iced-over Sheldon Lake at City Park, and fell through. Not a great couple of days for Maggie, for sure.

Maggie had been lost in Fort Collins for about a week, when someone saw the lost dog struggling after falling through the ice at Sheldon Lake. It had to have been a very scary situation for not only Maggie, but for those that wanted to rescue her.

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One person who wanted to help Maggie, actually ventured out onto the ice, but luckily Poudre Fire had arrived and convinced that person to get back to the shore. PFA deployed the use of specialized suits, ropes, and other equipment, to rescue the frantic dog.


After rescuing Maggie, Poudre Fire Authority got Maggie back to their station, they took to Facebook about the rescue. It turned out that people definitely recognized Maggie, a dog that had been "lost" while in "survival mode" for about a week.

With all the people recognizing the small grey dog, Poudre Fire Authority and the Larimer Humane Society were able to get Maggie back home to her humans. Poudre Fire reminds everyone to not attempt to rescue animals or people from freezing water yourself; contact the authorities immediately.

Facebook/Poudre Fire Authority

Of course, it's also important to have proper identification tags on your pets, in the event that they do wander off and become lost.

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