When they first opened in 2015, The Playground, located in the Greeley Mall took up about 8,000 square feet. Thanks to demand, after construction, is complete the steadily growing business will have around double the space for kids to play year-round.

According to the Greeley Tribune, owners Maribel Cordova-Molina and her husband Obed, had been looking for a place to go where their kids could play and remain active even in the colder months. So they decided to open The Playground, a place where kids up to age 11 can go and play no matter what the temperature is outside.

The upgrades are costing the couple around $250,000 and will include a dark room where kids can paint with light, a second birthday party area, a three-floor modular play area to go along with a new basketball area with hoops of different heights.

Rates for the day start at just $6 for smaller children and goes up to $9 for the older kids. Birthday packages start at $129. In other news, I now know where I'm going for my next birthday party, I can pass for 11.

Do you plan to check out the newly remodeled Playground when it opens in a few weeks?

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