If you've been putting off plans for this summer because of everything (like gas) getting so expensive, relief is on the way.

Governor Polis announced on Monday, April 25, that each Colorado taxpayer will be getting a rebate/dividend from the state. If you file your taxes by May 21, 2022, you'll receive a check from the state for $400; joint filers will receive $800.

Sure, it's not a "huge" sum of cash, but it could help you put gas in your car when it's $4.00 a gallon. Grocery prices are going up and up, $400 can stretch that budget out. More than likely, you deserve a weekend staycation; this $400 can help you do that.

The governor said that the checks will be coming in late August or early September. The money is coming because of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights amendment in the Colorado constitution, which limits how much money the state can take in, before refunding money back to us taxpayers. It's known as the TABOR bill.

According to the Colorado Sun, the checks would normally be sent out in the spring of 2023, but the governor and the state treasurer are getting the money out sooner. Many see it as a political play, with elections coming up, I just see it as money now.

I think I'll use my $400 for a late summer getaway to Deadwood/Mount Rushmore. It's a fun road trip that I've taken a couple of times before; it'll be good to get back and play some three-card poker in the historic town.

What will you be doing with your $400 or $800?

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