Special thanks to Joe Moylan and the Greeley Tribune for providing a glimpse of what our brave men and women in law enforcement have to deal with while on duty.

The following are edited versions of the Greeley Police Department's daily logs that Joe Moylan and the Greeley Tribune have provided:

July 15th:

Not long after supper for some folks, the Greeley police got a call at 8:15pm to the 5900 block of 23rd street for a report of cows...."mooing excessively".

When the cows settled down, Greeley police responded to a call at 10:30pm about a man in the middle of the road on 8th Avenue trying to steal the pylons.

July 16th:

At 4pm, Police responded to a call on 1st Avenue to talk to a man who thought a neighbor was harassing him. His proof? The man claimed is neighbor was subscribing him to Stroke Smart, National Wild Turkey Federation, and Adam & Eve magazines.

July 17th:

In the early hours of the morn, around 6:30am, police responded to a call on 15th Avenue about a "domesticated pheasant" on the porch. The caller seemed to think it was "a little hungry".

Later that evening, around 5:45pm, they responded to a call on 11th Avenue about a man staring off into space.

July 18th:

It was a quiet day until they got a call at 8:45pm about "an aggressive guinea pig" on the loose in Bittersweet Park.

July 19th:

at 1am, the Greeley Police responded to call on 16th Street about a male and female duck walking behind some bushes.....carrying a trash bag.

At 4pm, 911 dispatchers received a call. It was from a child. The child was calling about a problem. The problem, according to the child, was: "There is sand in my butt and it is super glued. Can you get it out?" According to the police report, the child was grounded by her parents for crank calling the police.


Thanks again to the Greeley Tribune for providing these reports, but most especially, THANK YOU to all members of law enforcement who have to deal with these and far more serious situations everyday. 

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