At least for me, when I go to a live show I expect the performer on stage to keep me entertained. I don't care if you are the most talented musician in the world, and hit every note right on every night on stage. If you stand there like a bump on a log, I am going to get bored and wish I stayed home and listened to your record. When it comes to entertainment at a live show, there may be no band better than Hawaii's punk rockers, Pepper

Bret Bollinger, Kaleo Wassman and Yesod Williams... A three-man-band that will surely have you sweating as much as they are by the end of the show. Pepper formed in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1997. Having grown up surfing on the island, it’s not a wonder that they would mix their rock “shock and ah” flare, along with their mellow island rhythm roots to create their own truly diverse sound.

In other words if you like the island rhythms of 311 and Sublime, mix that with some funk from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a little skate-punk rock like Pennywise or old-school Green Day, and you have Pepper. Seriously the best music to jam as you sit by the pool, (or beach if you can find one in Colorado) watch girls in bikinis, and sip on a beverage with an umbrella.

But when you go to a live Pepper show, it's not all about the relaxation. Actually, it's the opposite... A full blown what the fu** happened last night sort of party. From sex, booze, and jumping around and screaming like you are seeing the Beatles in 1964, when you leave a Pepper show you will feel like you just partied at the Playboy Mansion.

Beware though, as much as I love Pepper shows, they are rated R and on the verge of being rated whatever they call pornos these days. Not a good place to take the kids or grandma, but if you like to party, get horny, and have a kick-ass time you NEED to see a Pepper show.

Pepper is with the Dirty Heads at the best place in the world to see a concert (Red Rocks) Wednesday, August, 13th. Tickets and details here. 

Here is the band's most popular song. Maybe you've even heard it from time to time on our station...

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