Colorado unveiled a new logo this week and a lot of people aren't fans of the design, according to a survey conducted by 5280.

We've ditched our little green carbon-monxide-esque triangle, which has been the logo since 2013, for a new look, but it's gotten a critical reception. 5280 decided to ask its followers how they felt, and this is what they found.

The majority of our respondents on Instagram, 56 percent, actually voted that they “Love” the logo, while 44 percent said they “Hate” it (those were the only two options). On Twitter, we gave our followers four options: Love It (33 percent), Hate It (15 percent), It’s Fine (39 percent), and *Insert California Joke* (13 percent).  - 5280

What people dislike most about the new design is the tree. People really hate the tree. Love it or hate it, Governor Jared Polis is adorbs in that beanie, but you can read the full story from 5280 here.


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