First off, you don't have to have a quill pen, nor a twirly mustache with a lot of gel, to write a letter.  I, in fact, still type mine, because I can type faster than I can write, so it feels more like I'm talking to the person.

I reunited with my stepfather after being estranged for many years, which is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.  A couple problems with our communication, though:  We're both men, so we don't like to call each other a ton, and he decided he has no use for a computer - not social media, not even internet, but no COMPUTER.  And I bask in envy, as I hope to simplify my life more into that direction someday.

  • As I was taught in school, you put today's date at the top of the page, then leave three spaces.
  • You can say, "Dear .....," or as I do here, it's more like "Hi, Jack!"  Then, leave two spaces.
  • Then, a lead sentence to a paragraph, followed by any number of sentences that back up that first sentence.  Two spaces between paragraphs.
  • Finally, two spaces after the last paragraph, and your sign off, which could be "Sincerely, (name,) or whatever exit salutation suits your fancy.  I know, that's wide open, right??

Did you know there's a correct way to fold an envelope, as well?  Also, tips for addressing properly on the envelope, and placing the stamp.  Here's more on that:

When this is all done, find a mailbox and pop that sucker in.

It's funny how, for me, social media has taken the place of phone calls and even e-mails with friends and relatives.  And social media is just one chosen highlight from someone's life, and oftentimes doesn't even represent them as a person (or so we hope!)  It's hardly a substitute.  We're living in a time when everyone is connected, yet so many people feel alone; so, when I know someone who wants some conversation, I generally try to find a way to squeeze it into my busy life, because sometimes that person is me.

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