Colorado already has plenty to brag about beer-wise, but now we're really getting fancy with self-pour beer bars. Have you ever tried one of these fancy new self-pour bars?

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New Self-Pour Beer Bar Now Open In Colorado

The line "bartender, pour me something tall, cold, and strong" has never felt easier now that you can be your own bartender. We've all spent time at a bar or club waiting for what feels like forever as our poor bartender friends try and juggle serving a bar full of pushy drunk people trying to order a round of drinks or shots for their friends. Or, having an empty beer and having to wait for your server to swing back around to let you order another round, especially these days with staff shortages. What if there was a way to eliminate that "middle man" and just take care of pouring your own beer? Well, there is.

The new Boombox Brew Bar opened on July 8th in Denver and is using the new PourMyBeer technology to help give customers an experience that is not too common just yet in Colorado. While they have over 12,000 tabs in service in various grocery stores like participating Whole Foods, or restaurants like a handful of Buffalo Wild Wings, there are less than 10 places to experience this for yourself in the immediate area. The only option in Northern Colorado to try this is located in Greeley at the Greeley Pizza Co. How does it work? Their website explains that "IDs need to be checked, PourMyBeer drinking cards must be authorized, and staff needs to explain to customers how self-pour works to make it easy for them." They take their card, scan it, and pour. Sounds easy!

The video above shows how simple this process is. Scan your card, poor, and enjoy!

Is pouring your own beer or wine something that would improve your experience while out and about having some drinks? Or is it destined to be annoying like self-checkout at the grocery store? I guess time will tell, but it could certainly be something that sticks and starts popping up all over in the next few years. Cheers.

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