I've been talkin' about Liam Gallagher being my latest source of entertainment in the music world, sort of what Ozzy Osbourne became back when his reality show came out.

Liam's throwin' daggers at everybody, but he's really just being honest, so I kinda like him for that.  Recently, he gave his verdict on Bono... Mick Jagger... and DAVE GROHL.  So, this is about to get good.

  • He met the U2 man and says “I had the Bono chat, yeah. Wish I’d had an out-of-body experience instead. Not in my top 50.”
  • On the Rolling Stones frontman, he says “Fair play to ol’ dinosaur hips, but I’m not that man. I’m anti-entertainment. Poor sod, he’s got to dance until he’s 108.”
  • Then, we come to Dave Grohl, he mentioned the big throne that Dave performed in when he broke his leg, Liam says: “He ruined it for all of us.  Who does that? Now if I have a ‘cold’ I can’t cancel because I’ll look like a wuss.”

As for Liam... he's about as understandable, yet just as outspoken, as good ol' Ozzy (NSFW.)

I maintain the prediction that Oasis will reunite.  It seems there is still some love between the Gallagher brothers, but maybe the new releases from each will give more insight.

Liam's solo album "As You Were" comes out October 6th.

Noel's is still promising his new album in November.

For now, a local throwback:

And, while we're at it, the first single from Liam's upcoming release:

You like?

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