While home prices have doubled, the housing market, apparently, is still stable in Northern Colorado... So maybe now is the time to buy.

Brandon Wells, President of The Group, recapped a decade of housing and population trends and came to the conclusion that Northern Colorado's prices have remained fairly stable, according to the Coloradoan,

"Across the board, most Northern Colorado communities saw home prices nearly double during the decade, which brought startling population growth to most of its small towns, a trend predicted years ago by The Group founder Larry Kendall." (Source)

So what does this mean, exactly?

It means that the average home price in Northern Colorado is increasing. However, with these increases in mind, builders are focused on building lower-priced homes, especially in areas like Fort Collins, to bring the average cost of living down.

Are you a home buyer in Northern Colorado? Tell us about your experience with your home-hunting process in the comments.


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