Between being a little disgusted with the thickness of my torso lately, and a visit from my super motivated sister-in-law, I have received a much needed recharge in my desire to hit up the occasional 5k run.  I'm signing up for the first one of these, then we'll go from there.  Each run benefits some local organization, which is pretty cool.  These are all on Saturdays:

  • The Polar Bear Run and Plunge - January 20th.  Yep, it's not just for people who like to dive into freezing waters in Horsetooth anymore!  This features a 1-mile run as well, a kids' run, and the opportunity to just show up, drink beer, and cheer on the participants.  Here's more!  
  • The Frost Giant 5K - January 27th.  This one's in Estes Park and has a unique story behind it.  Man, the names of these make me want to run so I can warm up!
  • Catch Me if you Can - February 10th.  This is a 5 or 10k, your choice, and ladies get a three-minute head start.  It's headquarted at Odell Brewery.  A lot of fun for one morning!
  • Sharin' O' the Green - March 17th.  You know all the green people (and animals) who pack Old Town on Saint Patrick's Day?  And all the goofballs who are wasted in public that day before Noon?  Yeah, this is before all that.  You can take the higher road with this, my friend.  Or, perhaps better yet... Take the high road, then join the goofball club.  Details here.

Here's a great site with the entire year's listings of running events.

A lot of people hate running, others are addicted to it.  I both hate and love it.  As long as the atmosphere is decent, I just love it.  I have found that gorgeous scenery and other people in high spirits literally make me able to run for way longer than I would otherwise.

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