Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but it's been a moist one in the Denver Metro area so far this year. You may have also noticed it's been really green, and that's because as of June 1, the National Weather Service has reported nearly 11 inches of precipitation, and we're only half way through the year. 

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2021 is now the ninth-wettest year in Colorado's documented history, and that's the most wet it's been since 1983. So far this year, the area has gotten 10.49 inches of precipitation. 38 years ago, there was 10.5 inches by June 1, and 20.19 inches by the end of the year. That's 139 percent above the 'normal' amount for this region.

The wettest year ever in the Denver Metro region was 1957. By June 1, there was a recorded 18.58 inches of precipitation, adding up to 21.58 inches by the end of that year.

This also comes after one of Colorado's driest years. According to CPR, last year, the Denver area only had '8.74 inches of precipitation, making it the ninth-driest year for the capital on record.'

The driest year ever was in 2002, when Colorado had one of its biggest wildfires, the Hayman Fire. That fire was Colorado's largest until 2020, when Cameron Peak Fire, East Troublesome Fire and Pine Gulch Fire took the top spots, respectively.

Still, the U.S. Drought Monitor shows that as of June 1, 66 percent of Colorado is considered 'abnormally dry,' while 16 percent remains in 'exceptional drought,' though that's mostly in Western Colorado.

Larimer County is not currently in drought conditions, and out of the last 127 years, 2021 has been the 24th-wettest year to date in the county.

2020 Cameron Peak Fire


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