Taste of Fort Collins just wouldn't be the same without NoCo's Best food and restaurant competition, so of course, I'm here to announce the winner for Best Pizza! First of all, though, we need to give credit to all three finalists as they are all great places worth checking out. The three finalists were Krazy Karls Pizza, Pulcinella Pizzeria, and Pizza Casbah.

Krazy Karls

Krazy Karls is great and a finalist spot is well deserved for them. The atmosphere of the restaurant is super relaxed and it is just a great place to go hang out with friends and enjoy some great food. I and the other judges tasted a cheese pizza and a North of the Border pizza, which the staff picked out for us to try. Both of these were really good and there was cream cheese on the North of the Border, which was a surprise to me but a pleasant one as it tasted amazing! The staff was also super friendly and I was treated better than I could have asked for.


Pulcinella Pizzeria

This was my first experience with Pulcinella Pizzeria and the pizza was most definitely worthy of a top 3 spot. We only tried a pepperoni, but it tasted amazing. They also have calzones and other dishes that you should give a try but as far as just the pizza goes, I would recommend giving it a try!


Pizza Casbah

Last but not least is Pizza Casbah. This was also my first experience with this restaurant and I was not disappointed. We were given 2 very large pizzas and even a delivery bag to keep it warm and easy to carry. The staff was very friendly and made the experience smooth and easy. As far as the pizza goes, we had a pepperoni as well as their famous Pyro Pie pizza, and both were amazing.


Now what you've all been waiting for, it's time to announce the winner of the best pizza in Northern Colorado. However, you're going to have to wait until the Taste of Fort Collins to find out! We'll see you there.

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