We're getting a minor league baseball team and they'll be playing at the Future Legends Sports Complex in Windsor...but not until 2022.

In an emailed press release from the sports complex, the Northern Colorado Owlz (who are relocating here from Orem, Utah) will begin their journey here in 2022 to ensure a safe and exciting launch for minor league baseball in this area. I mean, who wants to start off a new season with a new team in a new town with very few if any people in the stands?!?

With all of the Covid stuff still in question, everyone just wants to make sure we can start the inaugural season here in Windsor with a fully packed house with lots of excitement already for this team.

The Pioneer League has 8 teams and the season runs from around Memorial Day through mid September.

The Pioneer League, which is becoming a partner with Major League Baseball consists of these teams:

  1. Northern Colorado Owlz
  2. Billings Mustangs
  3. Grand Junction Rockies
  4. Great Falls Voyagers
  5. Idaho Falls Chukars
  6. Missoula Paddleheads
  7. Ogden Raptors
  8. Rocky Mountain Vibes

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