Starting this coming August, School District 27J in metro Denver will no longer have school on Mondays.  Superintendent Chris Fiddler says the change will help the schools financially, and that he immediately recognized about a million dollars in savings, although over how long of time we don't know.  He states the most outstanding expenses that are hard to swallow for the district come from bussing, utilities, and substitute teachers.

He hopes this will attract and retain full-time teachers, and says he hasn't heard any complaints from any of them yet.  Another change this will bring about is that students will be staying in school as late as 4:30.

An obvious drawback to this is for parents, who will need to come up with a daycare option an extra day each week.

When asked what the extra money being saved will fund, no one seemed to have an answer; although Fiddler says he'd like to see more guidance counselors on site.

This was decided after the board tried six times, unsuccessfully, to gather funds through bond elections.  The district includes Adams County as well as parts of Aurora, Weld County, and Broomfield.

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