There are currently plans for a brand new state-of-the-art thrill Water Park in Colorado in 2024 and it looks and sounds ridiculously cool.

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New Water Park In Colorado

If you're from Colorado, or even new to our great state, you've no doubt heard of the Water Park Meca: Water World. It's promoted as "America's Biggest, America's Best" and if you've been, you know just how incredible it is.

Not only has it been the best in Colorado for over 40 years because of how much it has to offer, but because it really has no competition as far as big water parks go. It sounds like that's about to change though.

The summer of 2024 is the target date for the new "Glacier Beach" water park to launch in the Denver Metro area. It's described on their Facebook page as an "immersively themed water park with thrilling attractions, food, fun and more."

Their website is promoting over 8 innovative attractions with the technology to return the tubes and carry them to the top of the rides so you'll never have to haul those puppies up yourself, which would be awesome. They're also promoting (pending design approval) a Guinness World Record-Breaking water slide, said to be the longest dark water slide in the world. Possibly a 360 wave pool as well. What?!

Glacier Beach Pictures

Below are some of the tease photos for Colorado's newest thrill Water Park from their website.

From the looks of those photos and the rest of the pictures that they have posted on the site, this has the potential to be something really fun and new to do on those hot Colorado summer days. Here are a few other fun facts they have posted on their website. 

– We have a team of top talent including prior Disney Imagineers.

– There will be over 8 innovative water attractions.

– We plan to have a world record breaking attraction, a first of its kind in the World.

– Annual pass offering under $100!

– Thrilling Live Entertainment with Daily Shows

– All attractions will be ADA accessible and family friendly, allowing up to 6 riders on certain attractions.

– No carrying heavy tubes everywhere plus Heated Pathways and Water.

– Innovative RapidPass™ System to Reserve Ride Times & Digital Wallet.

– Unlimited Food and Beverage Packages (Including Adult Beverages).

Sometimes things may seem too good to be true, but we're holding out hope on this one because it sounds so, so cool. Glacier Beach Water Park is slated to open in the summer of 2024 and we can not wait. Speaking of water parks...

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