In an investigation that has taken a turn, Aurora police officers have arrested Emily Janis Strunk and Kevin Lee Wertin for alleged attempted Murder in the First Degree.

On July 21, 2021, Aurora police officers responded to a call a little after midnight where a female reported that she shot a male intruder.

The female who called in and shot the intruder was identified as Strunk. In the initial investigation, Strunk reported that a man who she allegedly have a previous intimate relationship with had forced his way into her apartment. While he was there, she reported he allegedly assaulted a male occupant, later identified as Wertin.

Strunk originally reported that she made the decision to shoot the alleged assailant after the assault on the male resident. Strunk was initially detained but was released pending further information and investigating.

According to a release from Aurora Police, new information has developed in the case, police arrested both Strunk and Wertin on Aug. 2 on attempted Murder in the First Degree.

The adult male who was shot in the initial incident is still in critical condition from the wound. Police have not yet released his identity.

The Major Crimes Homicid Unit is continuing to investigate the incident. Aurora is asking anyone who witnessed the incident, or has any information pertaining to the investigation, to call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.

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