None other than Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates is a part of bringing a new kind of nuclear power plant to The Cowboy State.

When you hear 'nuclear power plant' you immediately think of those classic towers like at Three Mile Island or Chernobyl (not to bring up only those plants that had disasters,) but this new technology won't have those.

According to the Casper-Star Tribune, this 'Advanced-Nuclear' power plant will be more cost-effective, will perform better, and will be safer than traditional nuclear power plants, with the use of Natrium. One of the very first of these reactors, on a large scale, will be 'The Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program' (ARDP) at yet to be named location in Wyoming.

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With Wyoming having a long history of providing energy, the project is a perfect fit for the state. The project, to create carbon-free energy, was approved by shepherded by the Governor of Wyoming, its Senators, and the Department of Energy.

In a video that Bill Gates provided for the announcement, he states in regards to adapting to the new technology:

..innovation is the key to leadership. Natrim can play a role in helping Wyoming be a leader in energy.


 OK, What is 'Natrium?'

It's sodium that's heated up to its melting point (molten salt) to be used as the coolant for the reactor. Most nuclear power plants use water; Natrium, in a sodium fast reactor, can be heated up much hotter, safely, thereby providing more energy.

This kind of nuclear plant can provide the thermal heat that's been provided by coal power plants for heating homes, even producing steel - without coal.

This TerraPower power plant in Wyoming will not only have a sodium fast reactor, but it will also store energy.

Bill talking about TerraPower coming to Wyoming:

Get more on the plant coming to Wyoming from the Casper-Star Tribune HERE.

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