The shock felt among musicians after Myspace deleted 50 million songs last week was handled in different ways by the affected performers. For some, the loss meant a fresh start. But others lamented their long-gone tunes that may remain only as rarities on a diehard fan's hard drive.

For Mike Hranica, lead vocalist of Midwestern metalcore outfit the Devil Wears Prada, the mass deletion — which some suspect wasn't quite a mistake — represented some bittersweet irony spearheaded by carelessness.

“It just seems really reckless and foolish to count on MySpace, the most dated platform, to hold something of importance, being your music," Hranica told TMZ in the above clip.

The musician noted his band only lost one “stupid cover song" in the mass deletion. "But, honestly, it’s not to our objection or peril to be losing that super old stuff. I find it rather refreshing to lose some of [that]."

Which brings us to Hollywood Undead frontman Johnny 3 Tears, who thought maybe "there's some kid out there with them" after the artist's early demos were scrubbed from the site, along with 53 million other tunes from 2003-15.

“I do feel bad for a lot of artists who were never able to put them down in a studio,” he continued before voicing his skepticism about the Myspace mixup. “I agree with the guy in the Rolling Stone article who was quoted… that this wasn’t just negligence."

The musician refers to a recent tweet from blogger and technologist Andy Baio, who last Monday voiced a doubtful position regarding the "accidental" deletion of the millions of audio files stored on Myspace. See the tweet below.

“That just doesn’t happen," Johnny 3 Tears added to TMZ. "They probably didn’t want to spend money to move them from server to server, or whatever they would’ve had to do. ... So they just said, ‘Oh, oops, they’re gone.’"

The Devil Wears Prada are currently plotting a new album release for later this year; while Hollywood Undead are well underway with the recording sessions for their next release, the follow-up to their 2017 fifth album, V.

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