A 47-year-old woman who went out snowshoeing and was long overdue for her return home has been found injured but ALIVE after an eight-hour search.

According to the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, the hiker left Sunday morning just after 9 a.m. and had not returned as expected by Monday afternoon. That's when her family called for help and the search started.

The snowshoer went out on the Jenny Creek Trail, starting at the Eldora Nordic Center, around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. As such, search and rescue began their work in the same area on the ground while others took to the air in search of the woman.

The missing snowshoe explorer was found approximately eight hours later and about 200 feet from the trail. She was taken away by snowmobile and transported to a local hospital.

Even though she spent the entire night outside, she suffered no significant injuries and is expected to recover. It's lucky the team found her when they did because much colder temperatures and snow is expected to come in Wednesday into Thursday.

Big thanks to ALL of our first responders and search and rescue teams all over the state who put their own safety on the line to help others.

And just a friendly reminder, if you're heading out into the wilds, especially in the winter, make sure you are prepared. According to Be Outdoors, these are the essentials. (We hope you got a big backpack.)

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