Oh my goodness, the amount of cuteness oozing from this little guy is almost more than we can handle, almost.

I can't think of a better way to start off a Monday and get another week going in a positive direction more than pictures of baby animals.

In this case it's just one baby animal but my goodness, what a sweet little bundle of cuteness it is.

The Denver Zoo, has announced the name of one of its newest members, Jai, the Asian Small Clawed Otter.

If you don't believe me on cute this thing is--


See told ya.  Jai, (the name which has Indian and Sanskrit backgrounds) was born back in early July and now zoo officials have officially put a name on him.


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Jai, for the time being will not be on full display for a little while just so zoo officials can get him up and a little stronger and will still only be visible via the live webcam but hey, that's all you really need to get your cute baby animal fix right?

The Denver Zoo is open daily 10a-5p and will be announcing some fall fun and activities shortly so for the time being, enjoy Jai and all of the other awesome animals and activities that the zoo has to offer.



Animals of the Denver Zoo

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