Alternative Title: Reason #43 Chairlifts Are a Terrifying Thing. Yesterday, a man at A-Basin who wound up unconsciously dangling from a lift was saved by a professional slackliner.

The Denver Post reported the accident that occurred at Arapahoe Basin on Wednesday morning, which the resort says happened after a man's backpack strap got caught on the seat of the lift as he tried to get off.

Nothing scares me more than trying to get off of a chairlift, because I always feel like it's going to pull me around, which is exactly what happened here. He ended up hanging by his neck, losing consciousness. His life, fortunately, was saved by a slackliner named  Mickey Wilson who was reportedly on the seat behind him (Source: The Denver Channel).


Poor guy, I hope he is recovering well. This would be so scary to go through, but I'm glad it didn't end up worse, and that Wilson was so quick to act. Below, he cites 'fate' for being in the right place at the right time.

Check out the full story and a video of the rescue courtesy of the Denver Post. AND, when you're skiing or riding this season, be extra cautious on the lifts. This happens more often than we'd like to think, as Denver Post states in its article, a similar incident happened Monday in Utah.

Like I said, lifts are terrifying.

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