On Sept. 16, CSU Spur announced they will be placing the final beam in their largest and last building at the new campus.

The campus, being built in north Denver, will slowly open throughout 2022. The health building, Vida, is set to be the debut building and open in January 2022. Terra, the food building, will be next in April 2022, and Hydro, the final building, will open in November 2022.

While the campus will be an added part of the CSU System, including universities like Colorado State University and CSU Pueblo, will be one of a kind. Instead of being simply a higher education university, the hope is to extend the education and resources to K-12 students and the general population.


With a milestone as big as placing the final beam, also known as topping out, the excitement for contractors, employees, and the public is widespread. Because of the magnitude of the event, CSU Spur is inviting people to the building site to sign the final beam before it is placed.

They will also be live-streaming the beam placement as well.

Along with being the largest building on CSU Spur's campus, the Hydro building will also be the "'home base' of the public-facing CSU Spur educational campus including spaces that will be programmed and be available for nonprofits and existing programs to use", according to the press release from the CSU System.

Some elements of the Hydro building will be:

  • A theatre space for up to 300 people, flexible depending on needs
  • A farm-to-table cafe selling foods grown in the aforementioned Terra building on campus
  • Studios for artists that will allow for both indoor and outdoor space
  • Flexible classroom, lab, and outdoor spaces and terraces for events
  • Four major art installations (as a part of eight total found on Spur's campus)

State legislature allotted $200 million back in 2015 for the building of the Spur campus, and the project has stayed on track incredibly well throughout the process, according to CSU System Chancellor Tony Frank.

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