Shut up, Donny! This is going to be so much fun! Lyric Cinema Cafe is going to be hosting a screening of 'The Big Lebowski' in honor of its 20th anniversary!

If you haven't had the chance to check out The Lyric's new digs on North College, this will be a great night to do so, for as little as $10!

Crime, sex, White Russians, Sam Elliot, and bowling.

By far, it's the most perfect comedy about mistaken identity made to date. The Coen brothers' classic- 'The Big Lebowski.'  Check out its score on Rotten Tomatoes (94%) and tell me why you WOULDN'T want to participate in a 20th-anniversary screening?

Lyric Cinema Cafe is doing just that on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. I wonder which of their new funky theaters they'll show it in. The Lyric is the perfect place for 'The Dude' - laid back, man. Laid back.

The night of the show you can get a ticket AND a White Russian for $15, or just a ticket for $10. You'll probably see a LOT of bowling shirts, especially the ones that the Lyric had printed up!

I think the part I look forward to the most with this event is seeing how many people wiill join me in singing along with Kenny Rogers' 'I Just Dropped In!'

Get more details on the screenign from the Lyric Cinema Cafe!