If you're gonna hit the bong and then hit the road, make sure someone else is driving. That's why Lyft is offering discounted lifts to Coloradans on April 20. 

According to KDVR, Lyft is offering $4.20 discount on rides this Saturday to help reduce marijuana-related traffic accidents (which are reportedly getting higher in states with legalized weed).

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

'Kick back and enjoy 4/20 with the help of Lyft and our designated drivers,' Lyft said in a blog post. 'We’ve partnered with some great folks to help you get to the park, to the store, and back to the couch — easier than ever.'

Last year, The Coloradoan shared that 70 percent of marijuana users have admitted to driving while high, some daily. Colorado Department of Transportation and Marijuana Industry Group are aiming to change that. Now, Coloradans can 'enjoy some green and save some green' in the Mile High state this weekend with the Lyft promo code 420CO19.

Full details and restrictions here.

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