94.3 The X is kicking off Xmas with a bang. I mean, we kind of have to — it's literally in our name.

Join us at The Coast in Old Town Fort Collins for Christmas at The Coast on Wednesday, December 7, a special, all-ages show starring lovelytheband.

"broken" — lovelytheband

Tickets to the show are SOLD OUT — but we have your chance to win them. Read on to find out how.

Big Rob // TSM
Big Rob // TSM

How you can win tickets to Christmas at The Coast

  • listen for Free Ticket Fall codewords at 7:30, 12:30, and 4:30 (through 11/13)
  • tune in to Afternoons with Emily for a weekday codeword at 5:20 (11/14 to 11/25)
  • listen for Free Ticket Fall codewords at 7:30, 12:30, and 4:30 (11/28 to 11/30)

"sail away" — lovelytheband

You've heard lovelytheband's new single "sail away" on 94.3 The X, but now you have the opportunity to listen to it live, along with performances from local bands The Timberline and Neighborhood Watch. We'll see you in Old Town Fort Collins on December 7 for Christmas at The Coast!

"Ultraviolet" — The Timberline

"Trying" — Neighborhood Watch

Christmas at The Coast is brought to you by Loma Vista Tequila Soda and High Country Beverage.

Want to win tickets? Tap the button below to listen for codewords on 94.3 The X.

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