Big news out of the Sweetheart City as Chef Clay will be bringing a second location for his hugely popular restaurant to the Town of Windsor.

Not far from our radio stations will be - what I expect - Windsor's most popular restaurant, as Betta Gumbo is on its way to town. It's very big news; it felt like I'd been blown over by a hurricane when I heard. Get it? A 'Hurricane.'

The Betta Gumbo location will be coming to Downtown Windsor in the renovated former location of Duke of Windsor and Ricky B's, just east of the corner of 6th Street and Main Street. Fransen Pittman General Contractors worked on the renovations of the space, which is now two spots, eventually putting an office in one of the two spaces.

Betta Gumbo has been in The Foundry in Downtown Loveland since February of 2020, after moving from the corner of Cleveland and 4th Street, where it resided since first opening in 2013 as Mo' Betta Gumbo. 

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Chef Clay has always been a big fan of people of Loveland, having recently once again provided Thanksgiving meals to those in need, as well as being a member of the Loveland Downtown District. I often see Chef doing some work at Colorado Coffee Company, across from Betta Gumbo in The Foundry.

This Windsor location is undoubtedly going to be one of the hottest 'hot spots' in town. I imagine that many folks have traveled from Windsor into Loveland for the food, drink and fun atmosphere of the Loveland Betta, now there'll be one right on Main Street.

There's no announced time frame on an opening, but let me be the first to day, Welcome to town, Chef.

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