The Loveland Police Department is facing another lawsuit, this one stemming from a trespassing call on the west side of town in 2019.

You hate to see any situation where a dog is shot. In this situation, the police showed up at the parking lot of a building after the owner had seen (via remote video) some people parked there, where it looked like they were loading [stuff] up.

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how, according to a civil lawsuit filed by the same lawyer handling the lawsuit against the LPD after the violent shoplifting arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner who suffers from dementia, the first officer on the scene shot a dog that was running at him. That dog was later euthanized.

The bodycam footage which 9News posted on YouTube shows the couple's two dogs running up to the officer; one stops, but the other (after looking like he was playing with the other dog) gets closer to the officer and that's when the 14-year veteran officer shoots the dog.

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The video does not show the actual shooting of the dog but does show the aftermath, with the woman distraught over the dog being shot; the man talking to the officer, trying to explain why they were in the lot at all, and the officer stating that a stun gun doesn't always work, inferring that's why he didn't use it when he thought the dog was going to attack.

According to the Reporter-Herald, the lawsuit is seeking a jury trial in the effort to receive compensation for punitive or exemplary damages from the incident and later investigation.

Bodycam footage from the incident can be found on YouTube HERE.

Get more on the lawsuit from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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