This past Saturday, an iguana was spotted on a residential roof in Westminster. The iguana somehow escaped from its home and made it to the roof, where it was rescued by a man who luckily had roofing gear handy.

It's unclear as to whether or not the iguana was on the roof of its owners' home, but so far no one has claimed the reptile, so it seems that he or she was not on its own roof. The man who rescued the iguana, identified only as William, coaxed the reptile into a trap using strawberries and was luckily able to capture it and notify the authorities of what he had found.

It seems extremely serendipitous that William just so happened to have his roofing gear, strawberries, and noticed the iguana on the roof in the first place. I have a friend that has three lizards; two bearded dragons and a chameleon and from talking to her, exotic reptiles need a lot of care and would not last long in the wild.

For example, their habitats need to be kept at a certain temperature based on the type of lizard, and the temperature needs to be constantly regulated. If the animal's habitat's temperature is not correct, the lizard could get very sick.

In addition, exotic pets like this iguana can be quite expensive, so I'm sure the owners are looking for it and will be very happy to know that he or she was rescued from the roof and is in good hands now.

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