Jeff Coldwell was born and raised in Colorado and told us that his dad was an outdoor guy. Jeff was backpacking with his dad by the age of 7. He enjoys taking pictures of deer, elk, birds, duck, and goes out about 2 or 3 times a week. He's been taking pictures of wildlife in Colorado for about 20 years.

Jeff owns a pest control company and a scouting business where he helps out of state hunters figure out where to hunt. He's been doing the scouting for over twenty years which is how he got into photography.

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The pictures below are from the Grand Lake, Granby, and Estes Park area. Jeff says he doesn't have to travel far to find moose and elk because they're everywhere. He goes out to find deer once to twice a week and doesn't have to go more than 20 minutes.

He's got a lot of lakes, and state wildlife areas for the birds, elk, deer, and moose he likes to take photos of. Jeff says Colorado has the Shiras moose which are the smallest kind. The Canadian moose is the second largest and the Alaskan moose is the biggest in the world.

Take a look at some of the cool moose pictures shot by Colorado photographer, Jeff Coldwell.

Look at These Cool Moose Pictures Shot By a Colorado Photographer

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