Meet this week's LOCAL X artist, singer-songwriter and fellow hyphenated last-namer, Ian Mahan-Neef. Though Denver is his home now, you may recognize him from Lucky Joe's open mics or even as that awesome barista from the Starbucks on West Elizabeth in Fort Collins.

Sorry I keep bringing that up, Ian, but you always made the perfect chai. Anyway, Ian returned to Northern Colorado for LOCAL X, to talk about how he found his niche here and play some songs for us, all while discussing our favorite fictional character, Seth Cohen (although, we both believe he is real).

If you missed Ian on the air, you can hear the interview, his song ‘Top of the World' and an in-studio performance of ‘Bet and Pray’ here:

Part One: Feat. 'Top of the World' and 'Bet and Pray' by Ian Mahan-Neef

Part Two: Feat. Seth, Ryan and Sandy Cohen's Eyebrows

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