Britpop icon and former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher recently sustained facial injuries after the musician said he "fell out" of a helicopter. He shared a selfie photo of the outcome on Sept. 18.

While it's unclear from just how far up the "Wonderwall" crooner fell, it's evident that the 48-year-old English rocker took something of a tumble, as UCR reported. What's also plain is that the helicopter injuries didn't diminish any of the singer's signature wit on Twitter.

See the pic down toward the bottom of this post.

Liam explained alongside the image last Saturday, "So check this out I fell out the helicopter last night you couldn't rite it all good who said RnR is dead Keith moon eat your drum skin out C'mon you know LG x."

In subsequent tweets, Gallagher joked he fell "100 thousand feet" and, with the injury photo, has "got the cover" for his next album. As TMZ noted, the incident occurred following Gallagher's set at the Isle of Wight Festival. He's due to play again in the U.K. on Sept. 24.

Gallagher — who hasn't performed with Oasis or publicly with his brother, fellow Oasis veteran Noel Gallagher, since the act's 2009 split – released his second solo album Why Me? Why Not in 2019. Currently, the singer's got a pair of additional efforts in the works.

"I've kind of got two albums on the go," Liam revealed during a radio interview last month, per NME. "I've got like one that's a bit mad and one that's a bit more like kind of whatever normal is, a bit more classic. So, we're just going to wait and see which one we should put out."

Last year, musician Mark Lanegan claimed Liam dropped out of a 1996 tour with his band Screaming Trees to avoid a physical confrontation with him.

As you were.

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