Larimer County is implementing fire restrictions amidst abnormal weather conditions in Northern Colorado.

According to a press release from the Larimer County Government, the Board of Larimer County Commissioners voted to enact the restrictions on Tuesday (April 27) "due to above normal temperatures and windy, dry conditions."

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Under these restrictions, which also apply to incendiary devices and fireworks, Larimer County residents must abide by the following:

  • Open fires, including camping or cooking fires, are prohibited.
  • Smoking in public, including on trails and in parks and open spaces, is prohibited.
  • Fireworks and fireworks displays are prohibited.
  • The use of incendiary devices, including exploding ammunition, tracer ammunition, exploding targets, and sky lanterns, is prohibited.
  • Some outdoor welding is prohibited.

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The restrictions will be in effect until 6 p.m. on May 11, 2022. However, the Larimer County Government noted that there is no a fire ban, meaning the following behaviors are still allowed:

  • Open fires contained in metal fireplaces or permanently constructed stationary masonry
  • The use of combustion engines with a properly functioning spark arresting device
  • The use of fireplaces and wood stoves inside permanent structures
  • Cooking fires in commercially operated wood and/or charcoal-fired grills
  • The use of charcoal-fired grills on a 10-foot, non-combustible surface at a private residence
  • Fires in camp stoves and grills that use gas or pressurized liquid
  • Welding in an enclosed structure
  • Outdoor welding performed at least 30 feet away from vegetation
    • wind speeds must be less than 10 miles per hour
    • a fire suppressant must be immediately available

According to the county, the Larimer County Sheriff "may give limited exemptions from these restrictions based on his pre-approval and inspection." Those who do not have pre-approval and violate the restrictions are subject to fines.

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