Weeks back, the Fort Collins Coloradoan mentioned how crew members from Larimer County Dive Rescue were doing training exercises, and afterwards learned they were stranded on site and had to get a tow truck and a ride home.

Come to find out, their current truck is about 20 years old.  They need roughly $60,000, as the new vehicle has to be outfitted with lights, sirens, radios, and other pertinent equipment.  The GOOD news is they're almost to their goal!  But they really need this to happen right away.  They have to be able to transport their divers, truck, and boat to every possible water-related emergency within a 2700 square-mile area.

They remind us that anything is a help, so if you have any money that isn't already designated for something in particular, I would encourage you to remember it doesn't have to be a gigantic amount.

A few facts on LCDRT:  It

  • Has no paid positions, and was in fact founded by a group of volunteers in 1972.
  • Is made up of civilians as well as personnel from other response teams in the area.
  • Is considered to be one of the top water rescue teams in the nation.
  • Is often confused with Larimer County Search and Rescue.

Here is the Go Fund Me page where you can find out more and easily donate to this cause.




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